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Legalization and Authentication of Documents for use in Viet Nam

Documents authenticated by Secretary of State from all 50 States in the US can be legalized at the Consulate of Viet Nam in New York.

1. A regular dossier to be legalized/authenticated includes:

a) Request Form for legalization/authentication of documents (Link below);

b) A copy of your ID (Passport, Drivers License, Green Card, etc.);

c) Documents to be legalized/authenticated must be first Authenticated by the Secretary of State where the Notary Public is licensed (before sending to the Consulate of Viet Nam for final authentication, which can be accepted by all Vietnamese authorities).

Click here for a list of Secretaries of States in the USA

In New York and a numbers of other States, a Notary Public’s signature has to be first authenticated by a County Clerk (Click here for the list of County Clerks in New York State) before being authenticated by its Secretary of State.

2. Fees:

- By mail: Fees can be paid in the form of Money Order or Cashier’s Check (Certified Checks)  payable to THE CONSULATE OF VIET NAM IN NEW YORK.
- In person: Fees can be paid in the form of Cash or Cashier’s Checks  payable to THE CONSULATE OF VIET NAM IN NEW YORK

3. Return of legalized/authenticated documents:

- You may come in person to the Consulate of Viet Nam in New York to pick up your legalized/authenticated documents or request for the documents to be mailed-back, in which case you are kindly asked to include a self-addressed postage-paid return envelope (use mailing services which provide tracking numbers only: FedEx, USPS Express Mail or UPS). 

- You also have an option to request for instant processing and your documents can be returned on the same-day (or 1/2 hour, depending on the complicity of the documents). Extra fee is applied for such request.

For more information, please contact the Consulate:

- Business hours: 09:00 to 17:30, all weekdays
- Telephone: 212-644-0831; 212-644-2535;
- Fax: 212-644-5732
- Address: 866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 435, New York, NY 10017